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Memri helps you master the content of VCE Biology (and soon, Economics) like never before. Using evidenced-based learning tactics used by medical students worldwide, Memri’s algorithm makes sure you don’t forget even the smallest of details. All of our content is written by students who scored in the 99th percentile of their respective subjects.

Automated Spaced Repetition

Evidence suggests that when you repeat the recall of a flashcard over time, your memory of this flashcard strengthens.

Our Memri Algorithm spaces flashcards out optimally so the time it takes to learn revise content is radically reduced. This takes out all the guesswork from revision and ensures that you never forget what you’re meant to know for the VCE.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is most powerful technique for allowing for better recall of what you study.

Active Recall crushes the VCE competition.

Active recall is the most efficient learning method for rote-learning subjects. By exploiting the testing effect, your recall of our notes will be much higher than more traditional methods. Instead of passively reading notes, you actively revise and memorise content.

The VCE system is increasingly hyper competitive. With active recall and spaced repetition, you get the edge to achieve your dream ATAR.

Memorising once isn't enough

Getting to the top is seen as impossible. But is it really?

The Memri Formula

Step 1:
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Often the multitude of VCE subject dot points can be confusing, and often its hard to see just how they connect.

At Memri, we will guide you on your way to connecting those dots through easy yet comprehensive learning methods.


Step 2:

Gain access to the vast library of Memri resources to start to connect those dots. Choose from a variety of notes, tutorials, flashcards and spaced learning methods that will help you gain a better grasp of your course.

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Step 3:

Unlock the power of scientifically proven Spaced Repetition techniques with Memri and unlock the full extent of your understanding of your course, setting you up for success!


Memri is an adaptive learning platform for you.

An innovative new flashcard system building upon the SM2 algorithm for memorisation.

A clean interface that allows for relaxed revision.

Proprietary strength bars to give you confidence in recall strength.

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